About Picture the Sound


I am a photographer based in Columbus, Ohio.

I specialize in music and wedding photography.

Enjoy looking around my blog and please check out my other sites.

Thanks for stopping by.



Commercial, Music, and Personal Photography site:

Picture the Sound

Wedding Photography Site:

Picture the Love

Picture the Love Blog

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Tips and Referrals:

Tips for getting super images back from your wedding.

Referrals from some of my fantastic clients.


portrait by Phoenix Quinlan

Photo by: Phoenix Quinaln

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4 Responses

  1. Hi There Pretty Lady!!

    I posted your Picture the Sound web site on my blog…I hope that is OK! You are in my list of inspiring people…You are so talented, Kim!!

    I hope you are doing great.

    Take care,
    Jen k

  2. Bonjour girlie shout out from Iowa I’m in Columbus tomorrow. The corporate report photos with becca were phenom. Good job as always you rock with people how do you get them to shine?

  3. Hiya Kimmy! I absolutely love your work. You are mega-talented. I’m so proud to call you a friend. You’ve been as sweet as long as I can remember…

  4. Just dropping by. We talked awhile ago, and I’m still thinking of you and just really digging your work. I see you have a new site which allows me to fully relax and watch the show.
    Allison (sitting next to me) likes you too and would like some shots sometime in the future that fully capture her beauty.

    I have many a music project and as soon as we can get our budgets straight, we’ll be calling you….


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