We had a visit from Matt Voedisch, certified dog trainer over the weekend and were amazed at the results.

Margot is a really good dog to begin with but because she’s a rescue, she does have some behaviors that we are trying to understand.  Matt quickly identified a few areas we could start working on and then just some fun stuff to help Phoenix and Margot develop a better relationship.  Who knew that within 24 hours we would see a difference.  We were amazed!  And the best thing was that it all made sense.  It’s going to be tough to keep up on everything but we are seriously devoted to understanding Margot and helping her be a great dog.

If you’re ever looking for dog training help or a quick fun lesson (his clicker training is very impressive), head over to Matt’s website and set something up (his prices are also very reasonable).  He’s a really neat person and deserves a successful business.


New Margot Photos 4/28/08:



Margot is named after the character Margot Tenenbaum from the Wes Anderson film Royal Tenenbaums.

Eric and I are huge Wes Anderson fans.

Phoenix likes the movie too and helped pick the name.

Margot (the character) is mysterious and strange, missing 1/2 of one of her fingers. Our Margot isn’t missing any digits, but she’ll often stand there looking as though she’s thinking off into space. It makes her seem mysterious.


Snow Dog!

We’re lucky.

We got a snow dog.





Smiling in the snow.


Margot looking at the snow.


Hello Internets,

Meet Margot!








We adopted Margot (AKA Stormy) from a wonderful place called SNIPS. Lori, her rescue mom helped us get matched up with her. We feel so lucky that we found each other. She’s an absolutely wonderful, intelligent being.


4 Responses

  1. She looks beautiful! We all still miss her very much, but she really deserved her own family.Much love to Margot!

  2. we’re excited to meet her!

  3. Sweet dog!. I’ll bet Phoenix is having fun with him.

  4. […] dog Margot seriously changed our lives (in a good […]

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