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Tips and Tricks for getting super wedding photos!

Tips and Tricks for getting great photography from your wedding photographer (me!).

Ok, so I’ve been doing this for long enough that I’ve figured out what makes all the magical and wonderful images happen at a wedding, and I thought I could share my findings with some bride and grooms to be.

  • Schedule, Schedule, Schedule! I know, planning your wedding isn’t like a regular job for most brides but there does have to be an event schedule. After all, it’s a HUGE event! And make sure you share it with your photographer. So she knows where to be at all times.
  • Group shot lists. The group shot list is essential for me to know what group shots you and the family want. More often that not, the trend is that the group shot list is shortening. I think brides prefer the documentary style of capturing the guests and family. And the group shots tend to be done more for the rest of the family. I’m with you brides, but sometimes we have to do what we have to do. So let’s grin & bear it, and make it happen quickly. So to accomplish this, narrow down your list with your families to what is most important, explain the importance to your extended family (who might be whining) and to the wedding party, and try and move quickly. If the family is attentive and patiently waiting off to the side for their “number” to be called we should all make it through unharmed.
  • Save those moments…for your photographer. If you’ve just sent your photographer out to capture the groom placing a corsage on his mother, please, please don’t have your mother put your veil on you. I usually can’t be in two places at once and although assistants can capture some things, you want to save those key moments for me! Just let me know. And having to re-fake all those moments looks, well, fake.
  • Hey You, Coming Down the Aisle, Slow Down! Pause, slow down, savor the moments. These are big events. So be sure to kiss extra long, walk extra slow, and stand there for an extra second (or 2). That goes for you too wedding party!
  • Give your photog some space! up at the front of the aisle. If you can provide a little bit of moving around space between your wedding party (when standing) and that 1st row of seats that would be super appreciated. Thanks!
  • Solo Shots. When you go to do your 1st shots as a married couple, try and ignore your photographer. I mean, not rudely, but just let you and your new partner drift off into “us” mode for a few minutes. Hold hands, whisper in each others ears, give pecks on the forehead and cheek. All that sweet silly stuff makes great photos. Let your photographer guide you, but not direct you. And this usually works best when there aren’t 30 guests and family members standing around. One brides maid to help hold the flowers and fluff the dress is fine. Hey, I can even do that.
  • No rules. I’ve always felt that my images aren’t the typical wedding images because I don’t have any rules. I mean, I have rules, but it’s much more creative to sometimes let things happen. If you’ve worked with me you know that I can move and direct people when necessary to make shots happen but as far as “hey, which side should I stand on” or “hey, where should i place my hand”, i don’t really feel that there are rules. Anything goes. And again that makes for great photography.
  • Lastly I leave you with my check lists. One is suggested group shots and the other is standard shots that you don’t have to ask for. Hope all this is helpful.

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